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Separation of Church and Hate: CD
  • Separation of Church and Hate: CD
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Justin's Latest Album

Track Listing

  1. Why Is Your Heaven So Small
  2. The Real You
  3. Affirmation
  4. Separation of Church and Hate
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Jesus & Jezebel
  7. One of Us
  8. The Problem
  9. How We Love
  10. Define Me (featuring Melissa Greene)
  11. A Place Called Hope


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  • Different
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Justin's latest CD "Different"

Track Listing

  1. You Brought Us Out
  2. God Save Us All From Religion
  3. Mercy Now
  4. Love In Another Light
  5. Better Than A Hallelujah
  6. Different
  7. She's Better Now
  8. Our Father (New Revised Edition)
  9. Broken Things
  10. Perfect
  11. He Starts With The End
  12. For Good (From Wicked)

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I've Been There
  • I've Been There
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The record was inspired by Ryan's current concert tour of the same name that focuses on the overwhelming number of  youth suicides provoked by bullying and rejection in the past several years.

"This album is a collection of songs that are near and dear to my heart," Ryan said. "It is a tribute to  marginalized youth all over the world who have felt rejected due to bullying."

"In recent years we have witnessed first hand the effects of bullying in our community and we lost some really special people whose potential was never fully realized," he said. "In September and October 2010 alone we lost 9 young adults, who took their own lives due to being bullied and rejected."

"This project is dedicated to the memory of those who took their lives so that the world
will know what they failed to know, and that is the simple fact that there is a community
of people who care about them and are still honoring their memory," Justin said.

The album features 12 songs, including a duet with legendary  Evangelist and Songwriter Marsha Stevens-Pino, as well as a number of resources for youth who may be struggling with bullying and rejection.

Track Listing
1. We All Wanna Be Loved
2. I've Been There
3. If You Were God
4. That's Not What I Meant
5. I'm Not The Enemy
6. You Found Me
7. The Blind Sparrow
8. Turn
9. Can You Reach Me From Here? (Duet with Marsha Stevens-Pino)
10. What if They Knew
11. Give Up The Ghost
12. When I Cannot Speak Your Name

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Where I'm Goin'
  • Where I'm Goin'
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Justin's New Country Album

 1. Head For The Hills
 2. Keep Your Hands To Yourself
 3. Lonely Comin' Down
 4. Watchin' Robin Like A Hawk
 5. Love Pays it All
 6. Backwards
 7. Everybody's Talkin'
 8. When I Get Where I'm Goin'
 9. Workin' Man's Weekend
10. Things I Almost Did
11. When The Vow Breaks
12. Givin' It Up For Your Love

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Revive Us Again - Timeless Hymns, Treasured Friends
  • Revive Us Again - Timeless Hymns, Treasured Friends
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Justin Ryan's Latest release featuring timeless hymns of the church sung by Justin and his friends! 1. Revive Us Again (with Angie Primm)
2. Blessed Assurance (with Mark and Donna Moseley)
3. I Love to Tell The Story (with HisSong)
4. For Those Tears I Died (with Marsha Stevens-Pino)
5. There Is A Balm In Gilead
6. He Keeps Lifting (with Allison Durham Speer)
7. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (with Porter Wagoner)
8. All Hail The Power of Jesus Name
9. Crown Him With Many Crowns
10. How Great Thou Art (with Lynn Anderson)
11. The Solid Rock (with Kenny Bishop)
12. O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
13. Holy Holy Holy
14. Tell Me The Story of Jesus (with Pete Wade & Kenny Bishop)
15. For the Beauty Of the Earth (with Margie Cates)
16. Blest Be the Tie That Binds
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  • Surrender
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1. Stop By The Church
2. End Of The Beginning
3. I'm Not The Enemy
4. Swing Low Sweet Chariot
5.When I Cannot Speak Your Name
6. Stormin The Gates
7.I've Been There
8. He Would Be King
9. Put A Little Love In Your Heart
10.Prints Of Peace
11.Give Up The Ghost
12.What If They Knew 12 Songs   (Price includes Shipping) For Sound Clips click Here

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Songs of Praise From A Strange Land
  • Songs of Praise From A Strange Land
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Marsha Stevens Pino, Justin Ryan and various Other Artists sing Songs of Praise From A Strange Land
Songs Include
1. Songs of Praise From A Strange Land
2. I Long To Worship
3. We Have Come to Praise The Lord
4. Release The Harvest
5. Forgive Them
6. Wash Over Me
7. In The Hollow Of Your Hand
8. We Won't Let Go
9. Into Your Hands
10. Dare to Dream
11. All Creation Testifies
12. One In Christ
13. This is Your Time
14. Let Your Light Shine
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UP - Unashamed Praise
  • UP - Unashamed Praise
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UP (Unashamed Praise) is a special collection of GLBT Christian singers and songwriters all on one amazing CD celebrating their faith and love for God and Christ. From praise & worship, to gospel, rock, folk, and jazz. Featuring one of Justin's best loved songs "I'm Not the Enemy". The album also features well loved artists like Marsha Stevens-Pino, Rev Delores Berry, Shawn Thomas and many more

Track Listing
1. I'm Not The Enemy - Justin Ryan
2. But Now I Know - Susie Brenner
3. Love Divine - Roger Anthony Yolanda Mapes
4. I've Already Been To The Water - Rev Delores Berry
5. I Am Here To Worship - Affinity Praise
6. What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Shelly Torres West
7. A Future and A Hope - Marsha Stevens-Pino
8. Help Me Make It Through The Rain - Jeremiah Cummings
9. Shine - Canaan Band
10. Bethesda - Jason DeShazo
11. Paid Up, Prayed Up, and Ready to Go - Sam Sampson
12. Be Still and Know - Marshall-Grant Ministries
13. Ready Or Not - Danny Riddle
14. Hands UP - Shawn Thomas

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Never Forget
  • Never Forget
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Songs Include

 1. Free to Be Me - Aaron Tippin
 2. The USS New York - Charlie Daniels
 3. Little Things - Michael Peterson
 4. Home Misses You - Pam Tillis
 5. Wishin' I Was Home - Lloyd Knight
 6. An American Woman - Tanya Tucker
 7. Fifth of July - Justin Ryan
 8. Battlescars - George Jones & Tracy Lawrence
 9. Red White and Blue Night in Georgia - Leah Faith
10. Where the Stars and Stripes and the Eagle Flies - Aaron Tippin
11. America Will Always Stand - Randy Travis
12. I Just  Came Back From a War - Darryl Worley
13. Never Forget - Rebecca Lynn Howard

Rebecca Lynn Howard and Charlie Daniels, two of the artists featured on the CD, debuted their respective songs at the christening of the USS New York, which took place in Avondale, LA
on March first. Howard has the title track, Never Forget, while The connection with the amphibious transport dock ship is significant in that the materials used for the USS New York come in part from seven and a half tons of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center Towers. According to Sherry Johnson and Liem Walker, owners of Seasong Records, the label releasing the CD, it was important to align this release with the christening and eventual commissioning of the USS New York because it is the ship and all that it stands for that inspired this collection of songs.

“This ship stands for everything the music included on the album represents,” Johnson said. “We had great response from the country music community when we approached the artists about the concept of the project. We are about to mark seven years since the tragedy of 9/11, and it is important that we remember the people who lost their lives, their families who still miss them and all those who acted so heroically that day and in the days following the tragedy that changed our world forever.”

Walker added. “It is important to keep in perspective that in the face of great adversity, there was great courage and strength shown that day in New York and that is a large part of what the American Spirit is all about.”

In addition to Two-time Grammy winner Rebecca Lynn Howard, and the legendary Charlie Daniels, the CD will feature new music from Aaron Tippin (as well as one of his favorite oldies), Tracy Lawrence and George Jones, Pam Tillis, Tanya Tucker, and Michael Peterson. Randy Travis, and Darryl Worley. Then there are the new comers to the Country Music scene, Lloyd Knight (Seasong Recording) , Leah Faith (Amazing Grace Records) and Justin Ryan (Mosrite Records) who round out the talented field of country Artists on the Album CD. Much of the CD’s original music was written by Anita Cox (BMI). The album Never Forget will be available in various retail stores on September 9, 2008 and on digital download sites on August 26, 2008. For more information please visit The Let us Never Forget Website.

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Still Believing In Christmas
  • Still Believing In Christmas
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Still Believing in Christmas" is a Country flavored Christmas album with performances by Opry members, Hall of Famers and various Grammy winning Country artist like CRYSTAL GAYLE, DAVID FRIZZELL, LYNN ANDERSON, PORTER WAGONER & BILL ANDERSON. The album also has favorite Christmas classics by such greats as TANYA TUCKER (Let it Snow), GENE WATSON (Pretty Paper), LITTLE JIMMY DICKENS ('Twas the night before Christmas), HELEN CORNELIUS (The First Noel) and DARYLE SINGLETARY (O Holy Night w background vocals by the famous Jordanaires). The album also features new songs by COUNTRY'S FINEST traditional artists like "Christmas in Mexico" by T.G. SHEPPARD, and "Merry Christmas to me" by LORRIE MORGAN. And just to spice things up a bit we decided to add a few new Artists who have recently burst onto the country scene such as Lloyd Knight, Justin Ryan and Kelly Lang.

The eight page CD insert includes pictures, bios, and each Artist's favorite Christmas memory. Take a listen to the CD Samples. ENJOY and MERRY CHRISTMAS from all of us to you and yours. 

This Album also includes Justin's NEW and powerful performance of the great new christmas Song "He Would Be King"

Songs Include
1. Merry Christmas To Me - Lorrie Morgan
2. Pretty Paper - Gene Watson
3. Ding A Ling The Christmas Bell - Lynn Anderson
4. The First Noel - Helen Cornelius
5. Happy Birthday Jesus - Porter Wagoner
6. Christmas In Mexico - T.G. Shepherd
7. Bethlehem - David Frizzell
8. Let it Snow, Let It Snow, Let it Snow - Tanya Tucker
9. My First Christmas Without You - Kelly Lang
10. Twas The Night Before Christmas - Little Jimmy Dickens
11. Winter Wonderland - Lloyd Knight
12. One Little Star - Crystal Gayle
13. O Holy Night - Darryl Singletary
14. He Would Be King - Justin Ryan
15. Still Believing in Christmas - Bill Anderson
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